The day is here that we have to go and return our rolling home 🙁
Okay, in all honesty, it’s a sad day… Life in Italy is BELISSIMO and we love it here!!!
It’s a travel day – heading to Milan to lounge in the lap of luxury at the NHOw hotel.
Our longest day of driving, but not too bad only 6 hrs… and the boys are troopers!!

Our arrival at the hotel was AWESOME!! Modern and more than funky…and all with our own beds and bathrooms….lovely! After a nice respite, we made our way though the graffiti streets of Milano to the Casa Bella Gloria, a family owned trattoria where we had an an incredible last night meal! The owner brought out homemande fennel, blueberry and limoncello liquor for us to sample at our leisure.
A great dinner….. and really just another great day in Italy.

Now from home….
happy to join you here in the great Ontario summer….
cooking great Italian meals, drinking great Italian wines,
remembering the simple life of fresh food and living the dolce vita…..
but life in ITALY is good!

We will be going back, and we encourage you to join us or go on your own.

Ciao for now…it’s been a pleasure.

We have loved and lived every moment of our adventure and it’s great to share it.

Valeria,Valeriano,Andrew,Lisa, Matt and Colleen.

Bon Appetito!

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