Today is a day that we all have looked forward to from the moment we set foot on Italian soil. A family day. Today we host the Porcellatos’, both from Mr and Mrs Val’s families….a reunion, and for us, new friends to be met. After a shopping day in Bassano and at the Super Loria we felt ready to host the family…not to mention the lovely wine we got in the Amalfi Coast!! After readying Italo’s Casa we waited for the family to come…and come they did! In the end, we counted 70 or 75 family and friends who joined us on the beautiful sunny day in Italo’s yard. With Matt serenading the guests, the family mingled and played cherades with the Canadians! Good fun! Special thanks to Patrizia for the amazing baked goods, Paolo for providing the seating, and Maurizio for the prosciutto!!! A great day was had by all! We we’re truly overwhelmed by the generousity and welcome from our Italian hosts….all language barriers were broken – with broken English and Italian or good cherades. Mia casa e tua casa!!
Thanks to Niccolo, we enjoyed a late night pasta dinner with Italo’s homemade sauce that he left us, and reminiced about our wonderful day. Thank you Loria for such an amazing welcome and such great hospitality.

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