Big travel day today – up at 5am and on the road to Loria, in the north east of Italy where the Vals are from. A lot of sleeping, and lounging for all but Andrea and Matteo, we did stop at a few “truck stops” along the way. Let’s be clear about the so-called “truck stop”….these are no Huskies or Petro-Can. What you find inside the fancy sliding glass doors of the “Auto-Grill” is VERY different. A cafe, espresso bar, fresh made paninis, wine, beer, cook books, a deli, and gift items!!! Really amazing stuff! Not to mention the fancy ( and clean bathrooms ), laundry facilities, and showers. WOW!!! It’s soooooo nice to stop for a pee!!!! We made great time to the homeland so we decided to stop at the Porcellato winery in Cendrole-La Caneva Dei Biasio. Treated to wine samples and snacks, we looked through the Porcellato family tree and checked out all the great photos!!! Welcomed by Miriam and her siblings, cousins to the Vals, we toured through their small and award winning operation, where hands-on and old school traditions rule. A third generation run business, it is so to see how a small family business works!!! BENE!!! Great Prosecco!!
Finally, with Mr.Val, sitting on the edge of his seat, big grin on his face, we drove into his hometown of Loria! After a quick stop for an aperitif we were welcomed into our home for the next few days – Italo’s Casa – Straordinario!!!!!
There will be photos to show you it’s incredible beauty, later…but for now we are enjoying the cherry trees, grand portico and fine wine.
See you tomorrow for a day in Loria, market in Bassano, and a family dinner hosted by Val’s brother, Saverio, and famiglia. A domani!

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