Okay…so we’ve been having bad WIFI…so we are going to try to get to all our fabulous adventures, QUICKLY!!!!
Today we enjoyed breakfast overlooking the incredible vistas from our campsite, americanos and fresh croissants, before hopping on the local city bus to cruise up the coast. We got a 24 hr day pass to jump on and off and see the sites up the Amalfi coast. Our first stop, after a quite harrowing drive up the steep cliff roads, was the touristy but lovely town of Positano. Left off the bus at the top, we found our way down the crazy and steep stairs that join the twisting narrow alleyways to the piazza and the beach of the town. With legs shaking, we wandered through the maze of shops and boutiques. High end clothing and gourmet food stores front local, more reasonably priced groceries…only to be found by the locals- or our Native Italian travelling companions….bellissimo!!! A yummy lunch of pizza – with an amazingly crunchy crust, and fresh insalata, was enjoyed on a terrace overlooking the water and the cascading villas of Positano.
Such an incredible and unique city – we were captivated by it’s beauty and spent the day strolling and immersing ourselves in the buzz of the local scene.
While we thought that our ride up the coast was TOTALLY CRAZY, on the way down we had a driver who had everyone white-knuckled, and sweating as he gunned it between every hairpin curve!!!! MAMMA MIA!!! Finally, (and safely) back to the campsite with the magnificent view, legs and tummies trembling from the journey, we made use of the great facilities at the campsite, did laundry, had a great meal and got ready for our early morning and longest drive yet. To Loria! To the homeland!!!!

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