Buon Anniversario Andrew and Lisa….20 years!!!!!
Today we had an especially early start as we wanted to make the most of every moment cruising the Amalfi coast. After a bus into the marina in Sorrento, we boarded our boat to take in the incredible beauty that has made the Amalfi coast so famous. Our Captain for the day was a gruff and seemingly grumpy fella, scowling and smoking at the helm of the ship. Little did we know, the gentleman that lay under that crusty exterior…he turned out to be such a sweet and lovely man ( and yes there WILL be photos of him! ).
So, our fine Capitano first took us to the Isle of Capri. Neatled between the boat and the cliffs of the island, we were invited to swim in the turquoise and salty waters. WOW! What an experience! Magnifico!! Then after a brief stop in Positano, we sailed along the majestic cliffs to the quaint town of Amalfi Winding narrow streets, lush flowers and hanging greenery frame the tiny shops, boutiques and cafes….all housing local treasures and with great prices to boot!!! Limoncello locally made, scores of porcini mushroom and other gourmet delicacies, as well as hand made lace, ceramics and leathers – something for everyone!!!
After a long but thoroughly enjoyable day, soaking up the sun and taking in the phenomenal vistas of the Amalfi coast, we found our way to the Marina Grande in Sorrento for a seafood dinner and celebration of Lisa and Andrew’s long and happy marriage.
Eating overlooking the fisherman’s bay, we were treated to a family style meal of mussels in an aromatic tomato and oregano broth, clams in white wine, cold seafood salad, fisherman’s special risotto ( clams, mussels, shrimp and squid ), spaghetti vongole, grilled squid, insalata mista, rocket salad with tomato, fried clamari and shrimp, and grilled giant prawns. All went swimmingly well with crisp Prosecco and a fabulous local wine- La Crema di Christi. Dolce was divine with a fresh and light ricotta and pear cake and a walnut and honey torte…accompanied by espresso and sweet and cold homemade limoncello – on the house, just like our Andrea would do!!!! An incredible meal at a family run ristorante, with great food, amazing ambiance and welcoming service. Aaaaaahhhhhh, another great day in Italia! Molto Bene!

Ps…..In case you thought we ate and drank ourselves into a coma….don’t fear it was only bad Wifi service. We have much more eating, drinking, travelling and blogging to come! Ciao for now!

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