What do you say about a city that is thousands of years old????
Oh my….. So, Rome in a day. There is SO much to see and where to begin??? We thought it best to take an on and off bus tour to see some major highlights and then tour around a bit.
Okay, so the bus took us to the edge of the Piazza de Popolo and we made our way to the St. Peter’s Basilica. From there we were excited to see the Piazza Di Spagna and the famous Spanish Steps. Dotted with tourists and locals alike, the steps are cool, travertine marble that is worn, pocked and smooth to the touch – makes you feel all the years. In front of the Keats and Shelley museum, at the foot of the stairs, is a beautiful fountain where fresh roses were floating in the water- bringing to mind the many lovers who pass through this romantic and enchanting city. Ti amo Roma!
And now to the food of the day ( it is still us right? )…..we were on a bit of a time crunch as we wanted to see as much as possible, so lunch was on the run…but still soooooo good. We chose a small pizzeria/bar where we purchased delicious paninis and mini bottles of Chianti to stroll the Roman streets. Imagine enjoying the famous Trevi fountain with a fresh prosciutto an provolone panino sipping chianti out of a pop size bottle – la doce vita!!!
And now we need to talk about shoes….Jude? There is an amazing shoe store across from the fountain…and we had great success!!!! Incredible high end Italian made leather styles!!!! You’ll be proud of us Jude…we totally represented!
A little gelato for the walk( by the way, tangerine and crema tastes like a creamsicle!!!!!!), and we are on our way. Onto the the Colliseum. The grandeur, the magnificence and the beauty….simply breathtaking! Every angle is a photo op…each seeming better than the last…and an even better one coming up with new light and different angles!!! OH MY! We all felt the weight of the years, the history, and the incredible contrast between the grace and beauty of the structure, and the cruelty and violence of the culture of the times. The Colliseum charmed us all and is so worth visiting!!!
Rome is a memorable and romantic city – one could spend days or weeks exploring it’s many treasures. GO!!!! You too will be wooed by it’s history and charm.

Off to Pompeii and Vesuvius…and then to Sorrento to sleep on the cliffs – the Amalfi Coast awaits!!!!! And tomorrow is Andrea’s birthday….so lookout Amalfi Coast….we’re coming!!!!!!!

Ciao Friends,
Thanks for joining us. 🙂

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